About sassypants


Welcome!  My name is Dani, and I’m so happy you stopped by.


I love to share things I’ve discovered or created, and I thought a blog would be the perfect forum for doing so.  I chose the name for my blog because the first floor of my little 3-level home consists of an open kitchen, dining area and living space.  When home, this is where I spend most of my time – writing, cooking, crafting, watching television, reading, web surfing, video gaming, and drinking wine.  And also because I’m sassy. Very sassy.


I live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband, my 2 step-kids (hereafter referred to simply as my kids, or my daughter and/or son…because they are), and my 2 derpy Labrador retrievers.  I love them all fiercely.


About the kitchen


I love to cook, and that is mainly what this blog is about.  I cook what I want.  Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not.  I am not gluten-free, or strictly organic, or on a diet of any kind.  I respect your right to be or do those things, and I hope you will respect my right not to.  I will share my triumphs with you, as well as my failures.  I hope you can discover something new from my mistakes, as well as my conquests!


I also love to discover new things – no matter what the topic – and I want to share those things with you, too!

I may provide specific brand names whose products I love; unless otherwise noted in the post, I am not receiving any compensation for mentioning them. I will not promote a product unless I truly love it.

I welcome your comments and constructive criticism, and please don’t hesitate to share something you love!

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